The Catholic Economy Project

Ars et fides. Your trade and your faith.

About Us

Our goal for The Catholic Economy Project is to create an alliance of Catholics and Catholic business owners who work together to attain the eternal joys of heaven and build the kingdom of God through commerce. We buy from each other. We sell to each other. We advise each other. We invest in each others' businesses. We create a powerful economic force where we influence the culture and help others get to heaven.

This may seem like a monumental task, and it is. It may seem overwhelming, and it can be. But it can be done. Jesus said that we can move mountains if we only have faith. We can build a Catholic economy, if we trust.

The plan is to start small and build to create a grand venture. This economy will be something in which we can take solace. Our plan also will allow us to follow wherever God leads us with this venture. Through the intercession of St. Joseph, we believe that the Lord is leading us to do this.

First Steps

We are only beginning. The first step will be to get together in this community and start working. We have a free section of this community, which you will be admitted into once you request to join. Within the free section, feel free to promote your business or business idea. Look into finding work with Catholic businesses there. It's set up as a social network, so you can find other like-minded Catholics and hopefully find some in your area.

There is a paid section for those of you who want to help us build this. There is no obligation and no pressure to join the paid group. We want those that God sends to us to build the Catholic economy. If the thought of a Catholic economy inspires you and you want to roll up your sleeves and work, please join this group. You will find more information inside.

Those who join the paid section will be invited to attend work sessions. Within these work sessions, we will come up with plans to build a Catholic economy. It will likely start small, with a pilot program or two. In the pilot program, we will create action steps to implement The Catholic Economy Project. 

Prayer is the one thing this project mostly needs. If you can not help build the Catholic economy, please pray for us. We need at least 100 people praying for every person working on this project.

What This Is

The vision of the Catholic Economy is to have a network where Catholics are aware of the local and digital Catholic businesses and make a commitment to support them.  

The goal is to have a Catholic economy within the current economy. We want to be there for each other so if catastrophe strikes in whatever form, we can survive, and thrive.

Another aspect of this project is to be local and non-digital. We want to have a physical newsletter or magazine where we communicate with each other, locally and beyond. It is another part of non-reliance on the tech giants. Those of us who have started The Catholic Economy Project want it to grow, then possibly decrease in size. We would like it to be a resource for local Catholic economies to get a kickstart and eventually work on their own as an economy should.

What This Is Not

This is not cowering in fear or fleeing the world. We band together, sure, but we do not hide from the world. We want to put structures in place so we can survive a variety of circumstances that may arise in a morally bankrupt society. The ultimate goal is to convert this society, not flee from it. We may be too late, which is why we want to create structures that will allow us to survive and thrive in case the worst happens.

This is not en exclusive club. We will work with non-Catholics if they are so inclined, but our goal is, first and foremost, to form this Catholic economy among faithful Catholics.

This is not about power. Creating a Catholic Economy will likely give us economic power, but The Catholic Economy Project is about service. The economic power we have will be used to influence just laws and a just society because we will be acting as a group of committed Catholics.

We are not doing this to make money, because we want to help build local Catholic economies and help them thrive. Hopefully the organization will no longer be needed at some point because everywhere there are Catholics, there is a flourishing Catholic economy.